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"Promoting the advancement of oral health care globally to those in need through scholarships and charitable projects."

Oral Health Foundation

of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

Since 1995, the Oral Health Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy has served as the philanthropic, non-profit organization for the Academy.

The Foundation works to advance its purpose by providing:

•  Funding for needed oral health services through its Grants Program which offers financial support for charitable dentistry projects.

•  Scholarships to deserving third-year dental students in the US and around the world.

The stories of how lives are changed as a result of these charitable dental programs are an important part of why we are driven to improve lives of people. Individuals seeking employment walk away with confidence and pride in their new appearance and smile. Children who have never visited a dentist receive comprehensive treatment and learn about good oral health care.


Thank You for Your Support!