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More than 70% of the World’s Population Has Limited Access to

Oral Healthcare

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Working Together...

Providing Over $4,600,000 to Those in Need

The Oral Health Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy was created to provide monetary grants to support projects that will benefit the dental profession and the public it serves. Since 1995, the Foundation has supported over 600 grants and $4,600,000 towards helping hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.  The need is great!  Together, through the financial support of the Foundation and the dedication of dental professionals, we have and will continue to enhance the quality of oral health care around the world.

Grant selection is primarily based on those programs that increase access and provide care to the deserving, but inadequately served public.  Emphasis for funding is given to those worthy grant applications where Foundation support will have the greatest impact and on the potential success of the proposed program.

Only non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations and individuals employed by such organizations are eligible to receive Foundation funding.  

Grants are awarded up to the following amounts: $5,000 for Pierre Fauchard Academy Section programs in which a significant number of Fellows participate; and $10,000 for Service projects that provide increased access to dental care for the public in need.


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2020 Grant Recipients


The OAR Foundation, North Carolina


Saint Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church, Louisiana


Conjo Free Clinic, California


Maryland Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped


Grace Church/Global Outreach, Wisconsin


Sacramento District Dental Foundation, California


Georgia Dental Assoc Foundation for Oral Health


San Diego County Dental Foundation, California


Iowa Dental Foundation


Christ Community Health Services, Georgia


Wisconsin Dental Association Foundation


Denatl Lifeline, Rhode Island


Volunteer Ministry Center, Tennessee


Virginia Dental Associaiton Foundation


Oasis Free Clinics, Main


California Dental Association


Thousand Smiles, California


Angkor Hospital for Children, Cambodia


Mission Lexington, Kentucky


Kellerman Foundation, California


Snake River Community Clinic, Idaho


Colorado Mission of Mercy


Sunsystem Development Corp., Florida


Fondation de l'Ordre des Dentistes de Quebec, Canada


Oklahoma Dental Foundation


Hope Clinic, Michigan


London Community Dental Alliance, Canada


Footbridge, North Carolina


CMMB, Massachusetts


Hope Dental Clinic, Minnesota


Equal Health, Australia


Kicoshep Medical and Dental Centre, East Africa