11654 Plaza American Drive, #901
Reston, VA  20190

Grant Application Submission

Grant Applications will be accepted March 1 - July 15, 2020.

Click here for the 2020 PFA Grant Application Form

Completed applications must be received between March 1 - July 15, 2020, by either US mail or electronically.  Any submission after that date will be rejected. No grant will be awarded without compliance with proper application procedures. No application for funding exceeding $10,000 (U.S. dollars) will be accepted.

Application Review and Funding Process

All grant applications are reviewed carefully by the Foundation Grants Committee. During the Annual Board meeting in October, the recommendations of the Grants Committee are presented to the Board of Trustees for final decisions and commitment of funds. All grant applicants will receive notification of the outcome of the review no later than mid-November. Those receiving grants will be sent contracts for signature. Upon receipt of the properly signed contract, the approved funds will be forwarded.

Mail Completed Application Forms to:

Jennifer Teale, Executive Director

Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

11654 Plaza America Drive, #901

Reston, VA  20190


E-Mail Completed Application Forms to:


Grant Application Instructions


Thank you for submitting your application for a grant from the Foundation. With the large number of applications that the Foundation receives, as well as the varying amount of funds available for distribution each year, not all approved grants will be funded at the requested amount and some very worthwhile applications may not be funded in any given year.  However, it is to your benefit to follow these instructions carefully.


Type all information.  Submission must be in English and U.S. dollars.


Submit Application and the following items:

  • Application Form
  • Principal applicant Curriculum Vitae
  • Tax exempt documentation
  • List of sponsoring organization’s Board members
  • Two letters of endorsement
  • Proposed budget and allocation of grant funds


Complete ALL Application Sections. Be concise.


Tax exempt status is required for all applications including PFA Section grants. 

Please submit a copy of your Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c)(3) or 509 (a) if appropriate. For non-USA applicants, please submit  the tax exempt status of your organization. If you are a sponsoring agency, please submit a list of names, addresses and telephone numbers of your board of directors.  


Include two letters of endorsement. Attach your proposed itemized project budget.  Within the budget, specifically allocate how the Foundation funds will be utilized for your grant project.  In addition, please  include the overall annual budget of your organization.


All Grant winners will be notified by mid-November.  If additional information is required, please contact the Executive Director.