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Providing Over $2,000,000 in Educational Scholarships

The Oral Health Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy believes that the promotion of oral health begins with the education of dental practitioners. The professional education of students is to, not only produce superb clinicians, but to also encourage and develop leadership qualities.

The Foundation offers student scholarships on an annual basis to all dental schools in the United States, Canada, and to selected dental schools worldwide. These dental schools are invited to participate at the beginning of their calendar year by selecting one student from the third year class who will continue into the fourth year. Selection characteristics include demonstrated potential for developing into an outstanding leader in the profession; above average academic qualifications; and the need for financial support. For more information regarding the Foundation's US and International Scholarship policies click here.

This Scholarship Program over the years has been an incredible success with total awards of over $2,000,000 to date. The great benefit that has been derived from this program is reflected in these young professionals and the fine examples they have set for their peers, in school and beyond.

MC900442141I am truly humbled and sincerely honored to be the recipient of the Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy Student Scholarship.  Thank you for your generosity of a scholarship to aid in my dental education.  I understand the value of such a prestigious award and will strive daily to uphold the qualities of leadership and integrity within the dental profession.  

Sarah Burnham Kimbrough, University of Mississippi 


On behalf of Western University, please accept my thanks for your recent scholarship award in the College of Dental Medicine.  Your investment in these deserving students will allow them to focus their talents and work more diligently toward their ambitous goal of providing compassionate solutions to the challenges of oral health care, grounded in scientific knowledge.  Western University of Health Sciences is fortunate to have organizations like yours, who recognize the importance of scholarship assistance.  Your support is key to our dental students' success and their ability to use their skills to make great contributions to their communities.  We are each grateful for your generous gift.

Thomas G. Fox, PhD, Senior Vice President - Western University of Health Sciences 



Amber R. Clark, University of Utah School of Dentistry

Receives Student Scholarship Award

Left to Right:  Loralie Lowder, PFA Executive Director; Dr. Richard Engar, PFA Utah Section Chair; Dr. Gary Lowder, PFA Foundation President; Amber R. Clark, recipient; Dr. Barry Feder, PFA President Elect; Dr. Denise Habjan, PFA Trustee


2017 USA Scholarships


Donielle Williams - University of Alabama

Dallin C. Parkinson - Midwestern University

Christopher Epperson - A.T. Still University

Austin R. Owen - Loma Linda University

Karen Sierra - University of Southern California

Edwin Eshaghzadeh - University of California LA

Kevin Fang - Western University

Ethan T. Do - University of California SF

William J. Keeton - University of the Pacific

Kimberly Engols - University of Colorado

Lauren K. Dulieu - University of Connecticut

Poshca D. Kinlaw - Howard University

Royce Barlow - LECOM 

Peter Mai - Nova Southeastern University

Bradley L. Sleeth - University of Florida

Olubusola Olaseinde - The Dental College of GA

Cody R. West - University of Iowa

Kevin T. Wolf - Southern Illinois University

Hany Hosny Reyad - University of Illinois

Christopher T. Dawson - Indiana University

Natalia Issak - Midwestern University

Karah L. Brown - University of Kentucky

Giovanni Ibrahim - University of Louisville

Jonathan S. Doucet - LSU School of Dentistry

Lauren S. Liebman - Boston University

Chloe A. Wong- Harvard University

Tuvy Phan - Tufts University

Ariana G. Feizi - University of Maryland

Hillary Creed - University of New England

Syed Hussain Haider - University of Michigan

Zachary Smith - University of Detroit Mercy

Aaron J. Henderson - University of Minnesota

Jessica Sliger - University of Missouri

Miles A. Backstrom - University of Mississippi

Natalie S. Dunlop - University of North Carolina

Mary Rebecca Keith - East Carolina University

Brandon L. Chapek - University of Nebraska

Heather A. Thorson - Creighton University

Celattin Sevindik - Rutgers 

Rodney Tyson Gardner - University of Nevada

Sara Perrone - State University of NY

Alexander Huynh - Columbia University

Andrew L. Kary - New York University

Sean Eccles - Stony Brook University

Britni Skoda - Case Western Reserve Univ.

James Zimmerman - Ohio State University

Clark Jared Plost - University of Oklahoma

M. Eddie Ramirez - Oregon Health and Science University

Fred A. Arino - Temple University

Taylor L. Delaura - University of Pennsylvania

Sruthi Satishchandran - University of Pittsburgh

Emily S. Martin - Medical University of SC

Audrey K. Fields - Meharry Medical College

Jackson D. Savage - Texas A&M

Daniel Yates - The University of Texas San Antonio

Tanya Sue Maestas - University of Texas

Taylor Tate - University of Utah

Victoria Tran - Roseman University

Claire L. Krueger - Virginia Commonwealth University

Laura A. Hibbard - Marquette University

Tony Yan - University of Washington

Pete A. Petrides - West Virginia University


2017 International Scholarships


Austin Andrews - Canada

Jennifer Archibald - Canada

Adam Bishop - Canada

Mandeep Gill - Canada

Anne Sophie Grenon-Girard - Canada

Tony PY He - Canada

Nathan Lee - Canada

Jesse A. Marques - Canada

Laurie St-Pierre - Canada

Jacqueline Yip - Canada

Shinichi Sasaki - Japan

Nanami Obara - Japan

Shiara Claveria Ceperez - Philippines

Dona Marie Petilla - Philippines

Marek Krysztof Nahajowski - Poland

Ljuba Heinz - Spain